Time for a Church Retreat

beach-newPastors, Deacons, Youth Leaders, and even those volunteers that seem to do EVERYTHING in a church can often get burned out. Serving others can be fulfilling and doing the Lord’s work is important, but it can also be draining. Often, people in these service positions become weary in well doing and need a to refresh and recharge in order to get themselves going again.

A great way to re-focus is with a retreat. Getting away from the same old scenery and getting a chance to relax a little can do wonders for morale. Make that retreat a beach getaway, and now you have a recipe for refreshed and happy church group.

Shalimar Retreat and Conference Center specializes in church retreats. For years we have been the go-to destination for Lifeway’s Fuge Camps, but we also have a lot to offer for more “grown-up” retreats. Singles, Couples, Pastor’s retreats, and more have the perfect backdrop at Shalimar. So what are you waiting for? Start thinking about a theme and get your beach sandals ready.

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