Planning a Family Reunion?

family programFamily reunions are a great way to deepen familial bonds, make memories, and build relationships across generations. However, planning a family reunion can be a real challenge, especially if your family is a large one. You have to generate interest in the gathering, find a great location, plan for food and lodging, devise activities, and in many cases even create themed T-shirts for the occasion.

Wonderful family reunions do not happen by themselves, and if you have decided to plan and manage one, we are here to help.

Here are some tips for planning your next family reunion:

1) Start early: Like any large event, there are going to more things to do than you originally think, and there will always be a few snags. This is not a big deal if you have allowed yourself enough time to work through it all. You don’t want to be in a panic for time at the end. That will only frustrate you and make it hard for you to enjoy the event you are planning.

2) Get help! Under no circumstances should you try to do this all by yourself. In fact, part of what makes a successful reunion is the opportunity for many family members to work together planning and dreaming about it. Building a reunion team will help generate enthusiasm for the event; team members will be more invested in its success. And, you will have that many more ideas on the table.

3) Develop a budget and ask for money: Don’t be shy about this. People are more invested and will participate more in activities they pay for. You are a family, and everyone should kick in. Also, once you know what kind of money you have available, you will know your options regarding location, food and all other amenities. Which brings us to our next point.

4) Choose a great location (that can help with planning): Think about why families go away on vacations. Sure, it is to see new things, but there is also something magical about having a family activity away from your normal surroundings. That’s where we can really help. Shalimar Beach Retreat is one stop shopping for large family gatherings. We can help you plan and execute every stage of your reunion experience, provide lodging, food, even activities. We deal with large groups all the time, and can take a lot of the pressure off. Oh, and did we mention we’re located right on the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen? Just sayin’…

5) Hire a professional photographer: At least for one of your major gatherings. This will do two things for you. First, you will be assured of having really quality images of your reunion, something you won’t have a second chance to get. Second, it will free up all family members to just enjoy each other. You or another reunion attendee will not have to miss out to take pics. Hiring a pro is money well spent.

There are lots of other considerations to make when planning your family reunion, but we believe these will help. Of course, if you would like some advice, or want to know more about Shalimar Beach Retreat and what we can do for you, please reach out anytime. 850.236.0197

Thanks for reading.

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