Fuge Camps at Shalimar Retreat

We’re taking Shalimar Retreat to a new level. For many years, Fuge Camps® have been choosing Shalimar Retreat to hold their life-changing Christian camps. Now YOU can schedule your group to join Fuge during the summer. Shalimar has worked out a way for you to remove the hassle and headache of planning a summer retreat by letting Fuge provide all the activities, bands, scheduling and logistics, while still staying at Shalimar Retreat.

At CENTRIFUGE you can relax and let us take care of the details. In addition to powerful worship every morning and evening, your students will experience small-group Bible study and team-building recreation led by highly trained FUGE staffers. In the meantime, you and your adults have the chance to refresh and fellowship with leaders from other churches through adult Bible study and recreation. Afternoon track times give everyone the opportunity to participate in a favorite activity or learn something new. Every part of the day is planned and executed by our FUGE staff so you don’t have to worry about preparing for the next activity – you can focus on building relationships with your students.

2018 Fuge Camps Attendance at Shalimar

Week One 6/4/2018 369   Attendees  
Week Two  6/11/2018 447   Attendees  
Week Three  6/18/2018 519   Attendees  
Week Four  6/22/2018 237   Attendees  
Week Five  6/27/2018 659   Attendees  
Week Six  7/9/2018 690   Attendees  


Work with Fuge Camps® (Video filmed at Shalimar Retreat & Conference Center)