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Time for a Church Retreat

Pastors, Deacons, Youth Leaders, and even those volunteers that seem to do EVERYTHING in a church can often get burned out. Serving others can be fulfilling and doing the Lord’s work is important, but it can also be draining. Often, people in these service positions become weary in well doing and need a to refresh and recharge in […]

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Planning a Family Reunion?

Family reunions are a great way to deepen familial bonds, make memories, and build relationships across generations. However, planning a family reunion can be a real challenge, especially if your family is a large one. You have to generate interest in the gathering, find a great location, plan for food and lodging, devise activities, and […]

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So You Need to Plan a Youth Retreat?

Youth retreats can change lives. They are a wonderful opportunity for young people to bond, learn, worship and grow, and build lifelong memories and friends. But if you are responsible for planning and implementing a youth retreat, there are many more concerns than just having fun. You will be caring for other peoples’ children, ensuring […]

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