beach-newPastors, Deacons, Youth Leaders, and even those volunteers that seem to do EVERYTHING in a church can often get burned out. Serving others can be fulfilling and doing the Lord’s work is important, but it can also be draining. Often, people in these service positions become weary in well doing and need a to refresh and recharge in order to get themselves going again.

A great way to re-focus is with a retreat. Getting away from the same old scenery and getting a chance to relax a little can do wonders for morale. Make that retreat a beach getaway, and now you have a recipe for refreshed and happy church group.

Shalimar Retreat and Conference Center specializes in church retreats. For years we have been the g … (read more…)

partnersAh the business conference. A time to network, get up to speed on what is going on in your industry, and take in some sights. Many conferences are held in Las Vegas, Nevada; San Antonio, Texas; and other cities, but do any of those cities also house the World’s most beautiful beaches? Panama City Beach, Florida boasts stunning beaches and a wonderful off season where traffic is not too conjested and there is still plenty to do.

So why not think Panama City Beach for your next conference? Shalimar Retreat and Confernce Center has plenty of options from camp style bunk housing to luxury beach condos overlooking the gulf, plus private houses for coordinators and speakers, and even a semi-private beach for outdoor mixers. … (read more…)

family programFamily reunions are a great way to deepen familial bonds, make memories, and build relationships across generations. However, planning a family reunion can be a real challenge, especially if your family is a large one. You have to generate interest in the gathering, find a great location, plan for food and lodging, devise activities, and in many cases even create themed T-shirts for the occasion.

Wonderful family reunions do not happen by themselves, and if you have decided to plan and manage one, we are here to help.

Here are some tips for planning your next family reunion:

1) Start early: Like any large event, there are going to mor … (read more…)

youth retreatsYouth retreats can change lives. They are a wonderful opportunity for young people to bond, learn, worship and grow, and build lifelong memories and friends.

But if you are responsible for planning and implementing a youth retreat, there are many more concerns than just having fun. You will be caring for other peoples’ children, ensuring their safety and wellbeing. It is also your job to create a retreat that will be meaningful to the kids and achieve the goals you have for your group.

At Shalimar Retreat, we have hosted scores of youth retreats, including many Fuge Camps, and we would like to help … (read more…)

weddingFew ceremonies are more dreamy and romantic than a beach wedding. Smiling skies, fair breezes, waves clapping the sand, quietly applauding your day. Something about vowing love at the place where earth meets ocean calls to us. It is an ideal spot for matrimony.

But a beach wedding is still a wedding, which means planning. Lots of it. To make your beach wedding look as carefree and effortless as you would like, there are many elements to consider not required by a traditional inside affair.

There are some great resources online to help you navigate the (read more…)