Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

weddingFew ceremonies are more dreamy and romantic than a beach wedding. Smiling skies, fair breezes, waves clapping the sand, quietly applauding your day. Something about vowing love at the place where earth meets ocean calls to us. It is an ideal spot for matrimony.

But a beach wedding is still a wedding, which means planning. Lots of it. To make your beach wedding look as carefree and effortless as you would like, there are many elements to consider not required by a traditional inside affair.

There are some great resources online to help you navigate the peculiarities of a seaside wedding, but in this post we would like you to step back a moment. Before you jump into the nitty gritty of planning your blissful beachy nuptials, we want to offer you some basic beach wedding advice. Think of these considerations as anchor points as you delve into planning the beach wedding of your dreams.

1) Lighten up: Yes, planning any wedding is stressful to a point. And yes, you should take this endeavor seriously. But if you have decided to conduct your wedding at the beach, you are in effect announcing that your ceremony is going to be a bit more casual than a highfalutin event at St Paul’s cathedral. So go with the flow. Allow for some extra unexpected. HAVE FUN with this. It is, in the end, what the beach is all about.

2) Specialize: There are wedding planners, and there are beach wedding planners. There are wedding photographers, and there are beach wedding photographers. There are venues, and there are venues that specialize in beach weddings. Because of the outside, salt air, seagulls flying differences in beach weddings, differences that distinguish them even from other outside weddings, it will take a load of stress out of your experience if you hire people who do the beachy thing all the time. They understand the situation and can allow for all the extra moving parts your ceremony requires.

3) Commit: This might sound a little ironic in a post about weddings, but having a beach wedding requires some extra commitment. If you really want this, make up your mind to do what it takes to pull off a ceremony at the shore. It is impossible to shoe horn a traditional wedding ceremony into a beach setting, and you shouldn’t try. So lean into the beach atmosphere. Really play it up. Ditch your shoes and kick up a little sand (though not in your guests’ faces). You are going to have a great time with this if you set your mind up front on committing to a beach theme, and everything that comes with it.

Congratulations on your wedding. We know it is going to be magical, especially because you are having it at the beach. If you need help with any element of planning your beach wedding, we are here to help. Please reach out anytime.

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