Ropes Course & Team Building

Shalimar’s unique, dynamic Team Building Ropes Courses, is designed to provide the ability for teams to build reliability and trust. Participants will always be stronger at one challenge than another, and seeing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the team members allows the team to grow and work as one force. The ropes courses demand that every member participate and that they work to succeed as a team through encouragement and support.

Our Ropes Courses create an atmosphere to learn problem solving in a team environment, build trust amongst team members, improve communications skills, and define roles and responsibilities.

Best Ropes Course on the Emerald Coast

  1. Earthquake Bridge
  2. CatWalk
  3. Trust Fall
  4. Alligator Crossing
  5. Wall of Trust
  6. Swinging Logo
  7. Spider’s Web
  8. Team Bonding Time
  9. Vertical Pole & Tire

We take safety very seriously. Every piece of equipment is inspected and certified, and challenges that require a harness or support are fully equiped.

At Shalimar, our rates are highly competitive and we are experts at working within budgets. Call us today for a quote or complete and submit this form for more information.