Power Up

Looking for ways to get your team powered up? Turn it on right here!

This power packed services and facilities offering provides everything you need to put your training program into action. And with only two meal services daily, it’s easier on the budget with the flexibility to handle a meal on your own in whatever way you want!

Ideal training facilities for football, baseball/softball, soccer and la crosse:

Access to the Shalimar Main Campus including:

  • 110 wide semi-private beach
  • 2 lap pools
  • Common meetings areas


  1. Full access to the athletic field
  2. Regulation basketball court
  3. 700 seat auditorium
  4. 2 nutritious and tasty meals daily
  5. Dormitory lodging for teams
  6. Private Coach Housing

Inquire today for pricing and get your team Powered On and Power Up!